When we first built our house

I bought two of these from “edibl enature” ($16.19 each plus cheap shipping). When I realized I needed/wanted a third, nobody seemed to carry them (and I’m kind of OCD and it had to be exactly the same). I found one on eBay and bought it for $24 including shipping. Now, 7 years later, I wanted another so I found them at Amazon.

For labels, again with my OCD, I needed silver colored labels and ordered them. I ordered his standard spice list with a few of my substitutions. He included a number of blank ones (hence the black marker labels). (I know I could buy my own labels, but either silver or clear round labels aren’t cheap and I know I could never use them up before they dried out in our climate. That’s why I custom ordered them from this guy.)

That said, I really like Sharon’s etched bottles.