It’s been over 10 years

Since I dropped out of the mlm business that my husband and I were involved with. I say “I” dropped out of because I perservered for almost 5 years while my husband abandoned ship after only a year an a half.
My story is pretty much the same as most people involved in the mlm that I was involved in: “saw the plan, got excited, bought the tools, showed the plan, went to functions and than went broke.” It took a couple of years to recover financially. My marriage never really did.
Anyway, I’m on my own now and starting over has gotten much easier this time around. I’ve got a great job, am making great money, supporting myself and have never been happier. However, a couple of years ago I went to an in home selling party and it really intrigued me. I’ve been thinking more and more about it and have even considered doing it.
That is NOT why I am here though. I have read the “rules” and will abide by them!!!!! My problem is flashbacks.
All of a sudden they started hitting me…..all of those insane chants from the rallies and functions. It’s horrible! “buy the tapes, show the plan, get plugged in…….blah blah blah blek!”
I’ve been under my doctors care for depression many many years (my screenname says it all)and at one point my therapist asked me to consider that I may also be suffering from PTSD. I shrugged it off as bunk at that time.
I’m not asking for a medical opinion on this one, but does anyone suffer from post traumatic stress disorder after being involved in a diasterous mlm experience?