I just now finally got hold of dh’s cousin

who works with the US military (he was in for years, then out, but I think he may be back in). He’s on his way to Moore to help his folks. Uncle Glen, Aunt Fayrene and cousin Charlie were in their house two blocks from the school where the children were trapped and died when the tornado hit. Physically the three of them are in pretty good shape (Aunt Fayrene has been on crutches for years), emotionally…The house is totaled.

Uncle Glen told Chad, the cousin headed that way, that their biggest problem right now is looters. He is having to stand guard over what little they have left. Uncle Glen is 71 years old.

Chad spoke to his base commander and got permission to not only go help take care of his folks, but to take a truck load of plywood and such to board up the house. Chad is ready to kick butt and take names, looters beware! Due to his military connections the base commander said when he got there to contact him and he’d give the orders to let him in. He’s suppose to let us know what we can do to help. Their faith is strong and that is probably what saved them.