I have just came in from doing my first official walk around to see how well we did fair after all the storms and rain here in OK personally

We were very blessed, only dead branches and a couple of dead trees down and they fell without doing damage to other trees or structures.
As I crossed the side deck to head out to see how long it would be before I could get into the garden without sinking up to my knees (not far as short as I am) In the mud I noticed some green and one red mulberry on the deck. I figured the mulberry trees had probably been beat to death by the winds and rain. Imagine my amazement to see the mulberry trees not only survived with most of the berries intact, but many of them were ripe. I admit it, had me a nice mid morning snack. Wish I’d realized they were there before I had my French Toast for breakfast, I’d of made mulberry syrup if I’d known, oh well they were tasty straight from the tree. After all I knew they were well washed. LOL!
So for those of you who have mulberry trees, you might want to go check out your trees and maybe get a little snack for yourself.