I don’t know what state you are in

or what type of insurance you have on the auto, but here is my experiences which MAY help you out.

1.When on summer break from college DD was in PA working and rode her bicycle everywhere. A drunk ran a stop sign and hit my dd who was riding completely legally on her way home from work. The jerk cracked/broke nearly every bone in her body. PA is a NO FAULT state, so we technically could not go after the drunk. How sick is that? We had uninsured motorist insurance on our vehicle, and even though she was on a bicycle our Oklahoma policy considered the other driver was in a vehicle and paid out for all of her medical and pain and suffering. Then they went through legal channels to get the “gentleman” (sic). Let’s just say he did not fair well.

2.I was driving ds’ truck a few years ago and was hit from the rear by a person who gave me all false info. I had a hospital visit and doctor’s follow ups for a minor injury—in fact the wreck may have saved my life because in checking me out for it that is when they found the problem with my thyroid. Again the uninsured motorist on the policy paid all our medical, pain and suffering.

So if you have a similar policy in your state see if they will cover all or part of your son’s medical, therapy etc. They will go after the under insured person at no cost to you.