We are okay here

dbil/dsil (the good ones) made it through the ones in their area. Dh’s sole surviving uncle lives in Moore, I’ve been calling and calling. Aunt Fayrene answered the phone and sounded fine, but we got disconnected before I could make certain they are fine. I’ve e’d her hoping maybe she’ll be able to get that some how.

So I guess considering strategy could be considered work

Only week three for us, we did stick to budgets and socked away a bit to the emergency fund…
We took advice from this board and listed one of our Camrys on Craigslist and surprisingly we should be able to pay it off instead of just giving the car back…

Now we are mauling over selling the other Camry, a 2006 with less then 100,000 miles on it. we can sell it and make about 3000 or so and dump a 450.00 a month car payment.for the next 2 1/2 years. we could pay 4000.00 for another vehicle and have no debt…. but the idea of having a dependable car since we travel alot ( the closest big city is 50 miles away) is what is holding us back. not sure what to do…

We did stop trash service ( rural) since we live 3 miles from the dump and go past it every day…. we can chuck the trash bag in the back of the truck when we go into our town..

I have just came in from doing my first official walk around to see how well we did fair after all the storms and rain here in OK personally

We were very blessed, only dead branches and a couple of dead trees down and they fell without doing damage to other trees or structures.
As I crossed the side deck to head out to see how long it would be before I could get into the garden without sinking up to my knees (not far as short as I am) In the mud I noticed some green and one red mulberry on the deck. I figured the mulberry trees had probably been beat to death by the winds and rain. Imagine my amazement to see the mulberry trees not only survived with most of the berries intact, but many of them were ripe. I admit it, had me a nice mid morning snack. Wish I’d realized they were there before I had my French Toast for breakfast, I’d of made mulberry syrup if I’d known, oh well they were tasty straight from the tree. After all I knew they were well washed. LOL!
So for those of you who have mulberry trees, you might want to go check out your trees and maybe get a little snack for yourself.

Well, the “new Roku Layout” just went active in my area

Along with it, Roku released a bunch of new channels. (Notoriously cheap, I only added the FREE ones.)
So far, I’ve added:
PBS Kids
Venture Channel
Addictive Fishing
Hunt365.tv (looks kinda interesting, even if we don’t hunt–a bunch of different outdoor shows, All Archery looks interesting)
The Artistic Blog
Cartoon Club, which is really cute. Think old school cartoons/animated TV, like Betty Boop, Gumby, Little Lulu, etc.
America’s Survival (reserving judgment….at first glance it looks a little out there…)
RunwayTV (because on the off chance I NEVER have anything to do….it will be fun to watch superficial TV in the “Inside Edition” genre)
There’s a plethora of Horror film/TV channels if that is a genre that interests you. A lot of new channels. Would be nice if Roku could shoot an email out a few times a month or so.

This past month has been a bit of a roller-coaster for our finances

After son #1 was hit by the truck, I’ve been closely monitoring the bills coming in. I will be faced with $10,000 out of pocket when all is said and done. I will be able to pay a good chunk of that with money I have set aside in my Health Savings Account.

The truck driver who hit him had the lowest legal insurance amount available, so I may be out that money (and other expenses – cost of a new bike, clothes, etc.). I may consult a lawyer to see if there’s any way to at least get those items paid out of the settlement before my health insurance goes after it all.

So that’s kind of the bad news. On the good news side, well – he’s alive!! He’s walking again and is going to go back to school (he’s been home-schooled while he was laid up) next week. And because I’m in a good place financially, this doesn’t cripple us. As a solo mom (widow with 2 boys, didn’t receive life insurance, etc.), I’m pretty proud that we’re in a good place. In fact, by tracking money in Mint.com (LOVE IT!), I can track my net worth monthly – it’s so fun to see my money doing the work, not me! (Over $100,000 increase in the last 6 months.)

I’m starting to dabble in peer-to-peer lending via The Lending Club, instead of the stock market or ING savings account and am looking at over 10% return which is lovely. I could take that money and work to pay off the house off earlier, but this makes more sense, especially since I’m about 19 years away from retirement.

I’ve been decluttering like mad and dropped off a minivan worth of stuff at the local auction house – not high-end stuff, but yard sale type items. It looks like I may get about $1000 when all is said and done with that. I continue to go to yard sales to upgrade my own household, as well as stumbling upon screaming deals that then go to the auction house for quick profits.

I’ve also been doing dog-boarding off and on. It’s not a huge amount of money ($25 per day) but it’s certainly easy money. It all adds up.

Basically, I still continue to be frugal whenever possible so that I can do the fun things (travel, save, invest, etc.) when I want.