Bob, I live in Arkansas about 20 miles from Branson MO

If you check into jobs in Springfield, you might check out places to stay in Nixa which is inbetween Branson and Springfield. There is a rv park in Hollister MO, Turkey Creek Junction I think, that is only a couple of miles from Branson. It would be nice to meet you while you are up here.

The way you get another vehicle for cash

and not worry about it being reliable is to build up a repair fund. There are some averages you can work with. I believe a car older than 2003 will have on average $1,200 in repairs a year. So you would need to put $100 a month away for that purpose. A repair fund will be a lot less per month than a car payment and if there are no major repairs, then once the fund is built up you can move that monthly $100 to another envelope.