Well, the “new Roku Layout” just went active in my area

Along with it, Roku released a bunch of new channels. (Notoriously cheap, I only added the FREE ones.)
So far, I’ve added:
PBS Kids
Venture Channel
Addictive Fishing
Hunt365.tv (looks kinda interesting, even if we don’t hunt–a bunch of different outdoor shows, All Archery looks interesting)
The Artistic Blog
Cartoon Club, which is really cute. Think old school cartoons/animated TV, like Betty Boop, Gumby, Little Lulu, etc.
America’s Survival (reserving judgment….at first glance it looks a little out there…)
RunwayTV (because on the off chance I NEVER have anything to do….it will be fun to watch superficial TV in the “Inside Edition” genre)
There’s a plethora of Horror film/TV channels if that is a genre that interests you. A lot of new channels. Would be nice if Roku could shoot an email out a few times a month or so.

Get Term insurance

meaning that you renegotiate your premiums at the end of the term (generally 15 or 20 years). Do not let yourself be persuaded to take whole life insurance.

As far as the amount of coverage, how much will it take for your family to survive if you or your husband should die before your children are old enough to care for themselves. Include home pay off (which the longer you live and continue to pay, the net profit gained over the years grows), long term/chronic medical issues, replacement of salaries, funeral expenses etc. Don’t be surprised if this number reaches a million… What ever this number is, this is the amount of coverage you need to apply for.

Here is a calculator so that you can figure out what a yearly premium would be.