We bought another car

which sets our pay-off date (for the car with payments) back. We were looking at September, but that’ll be impossible now. We had been hoping to hold off on car #3 until we got car #1 paid off, but we got a deal too good to pass.

I started the FPU class at church January 2014

I am blessed that our circumtances were “stupid” not “dire”. I had never learned to budget, loved instant gratification, and we had repeatedly tried to clean up only to get further behind. The class was a real eye-opener!

I am getting ready to make the last payment to a credit card for racked up charges. (We have another that we use sparingly for budgeted spending, and pay off monthly now.) The only other Baby Step 2 debt is a student loan for the daughter (15 months, and that will be gone.)

Onward! It sounds hokey, but this process really has provided a level of peace, even while digging in and cutting back.