They don’t know what they’re doing

I first tried it on my regular browser, Firefox on Linux. It froze it up. So I tried it on Internet Explorer, the browser that is so insecure that the Department of Homeland Security says should not be used at all (and I’m not kidding — they say do NOT use IE at ALL!).
It came up, but much of the site wasn’t visible. It also said I should use a later version of IE or Firefox, so I ran Firefox on Windows XP.
Most of the site was again not visible (a lot of images didn’t load), so I hit refresh and the browser freezes. I finally get it to load in Firefox.

It looks like they’re selling CDs, not downloads. That makes sense, because they’d need a different deal with the record companies to sell downloads and right now those are limited. I think some of the Big 4 labels are only selling downloads through exclusive deals. While I only buy CDs and don’t buy downloads (which are often crippled because they limit when and where they can be played), the vast majority of online sales are for downloads. I *SERIOUSLY* doubt much of the online market will even care about a new CD site without downloads.

It’s also important to remember if this is AW, that there’s a difference between AW (however spineless it’s become) and the AMOs.