When we first built our house

I bought two of these from “edibl enature” ($16.19 each plus cheap shipping). When I realized I needed/wanted a third, nobody seemed to carry them (and I’m kind of OCD and it had to be exactly the same). I found one on eBay and bought it for $24 including shipping. Now, 7 years later, I wanted another so I found them at Amazon.

For labels, again with my OCD, I needed silver colored labels and ordered them. I ordered his standard spice list with a few of my substitutions. He included a number of blank ones (hence the black marker labels). (I know I could buy my own labels, but either silver or clear round labels aren’t cheap and I know I could never use them up before they dried out in our climate. That’s why I custom ordered them from this guy.)

That said, I really like Sharon’s etched bottles.

We will still be roughly $20,000 lower than what dh was making annually

so to snowball we will really have to sell some stuff and double up as much as we can on mystery shopping when it’s available. I got hired by a new company today and my first set of shops with them will be $190 worth of shops next week, IF I am willing to open yet another checking account, but they said this could be an ongoing thing all three of us could shop every month. So…we are considering it.
That being said we are living a much more Spartan lifestyle than we were two years ago, so it should all work out to where I can go back to at least some minor snowballing.
Our budgeting is kind of weird, we will have set fixed income coming in every month from:
SS, IRA and a family member who is paying off a huge debt to us (so far she’s not missed a payment—so far)

Variable income:
Mystery shopping
Quick cash loans
Sales of things
Two tiny royalty checks
Payment from another family member that is not as reliable

So I do both fixed and variable budgets. LOL! Since dh won’t get his first ss check until the 28th and we JUST went on payment plans with everyone I’m still trying to figure out the zero budget with such a weird set up. Our bills will all be fixed, it’s the income that could mess us up—isn’t it for everyone?

Oh, now you’ve created a monster!

I am WANTING / COVETING that look! Oh, my. What’s a girl to do but figure out a way to get it done! I like the whole look of the jars but I wouldn’t necessarily have to have the etched glass. Labels would work for me. I find the cans with the sprinkle tops that a lot of spices come in don’t really seal well to keep them fresh as long as possible and to keep bugs out. Not that we have bugs, but you kwim.

This last week I’ve been busy getting my spices to where not only I

but the guys would know exactly what we have but where everything is. No more duplicate purchases, no more running to several different places to put a Master Mix together, organization. It took me a week because I kept needing to do another step in order to do the one I needed done. Isn’t that always the way? Some of the cupboards I did don’t look that different, some are still pretty full, but trust me I culled out a lot—just ask my local charity!

Not only does it work more smoothly now, but the money I’ll save from not buying duplicate spices and herbs I don’t need will go a long ways on gazelle feed!

I didn’t read through everyone comments

so if this is a repeat forgive me….But my thought is you need to know when to sell what. And where. At garage sales people want bargains. They aren’t going to pay much for just about anything. Online places like ebay and craigslist are always going to be hit and miss.

I don’t know if you belong to facebook, but there are some groups forming (like google) there, You can search for online garage sales or swap n shop groups in your area. I live in a small town and there are about three for my county….which is bigger but most of the other towns aren’t far away. They have rules so make sure you read carefully before selling. I sold a $20 gift card for $15.

It’s been over 10 years

Since I dropped out of the mlm business that my husband and I were involved with. I say “I” dropped out of because I perservered for almost 5 years while my husband abandoned ship after only a year an a half.
My story is pretty much the same as most people involved in the mlm that I was involved in: “saw the plan, got excited, bought the tools, showed the plan, went to functions and than went broke.” It took a couple of years to recover financially. My marriage never really did.
Anyway, I’m on my own now and starting over has gotten much easier this time around. I’ve got a great job, am making great money, supporting myself and have never been happier. However, a couple of years ago I went to an in home selling party and it really intrigued me. I’ve been thinking more and more about it and have even considered doing it.
That is NOT why I am here though. I have read the “rules” and will abide by them!!!!! My problem is flashbacks.
All of a sudden they started hitting me…..all of those insane chants from the rallies and functions. It’s horrible! “buy the tapes, show the plan, get plugged in…….blah blah blah blek!”
I’ve been under my doctors care for depression many many years (my screenname says it all)and at one point my therapist asked me to consider that I may also be suffering from PTSD. I shrugged it off as bunk at that time.
I’m not asking for a medical opinion on this one, but does anyone suffer from post traumatic stress disorder after being involved in a diasterous mlm experience?

They don’t know what they’re doing

I first tried it on my regular browser, Firefox on Linux. It froze it up. So I tried it on Internet Explorer, the browser that is so insecure that the Department of Homeland Security says should not be used at all (and I’m not kidding — they say do NOT use IE at ALL!).
It came up, but much of the site wasn’t visible. It also said I should use a later version of IE or Firefox, so I ran Firefox on Windows XP.
Most of the site was again not visible (a lot of images didn’t load), so I hit refresh and the browser freezes. I finally get it to load in Firefox.

It looks like they’re selling CDs, not downloads. That makes sense, because they’d need a different deal with the record companies to sell downloads and right now those are limited. I think some of the Big 4 labels are only selling downloads through exclusive deals. While I only buy CDs and don’t buy downloads (which are often crippled because they limit when and where they can be played), the vast majority of online sales are for downloads. I *SERIOUSLY* doubt much of the online market will even care about a new CD site without downloads.

It’s also important to remember if this is AW, that there’s a difference between AW (however spineless it’s become) and the AMOs.